Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The real thing

Cask ale was the real thing long before Coca-Cola ever thought about it as a marketing slogan.

And the real thing will start pouring at Pizzeria Uno (Metuchen) on Friday evening as a warm-up to Uno's third edition of its cask ale event, which is officially timed to start at noon on Saturday (Sept. 26th).

It's pay as you go, priced by the pint, and there's Uno's pub fare menu you can order from. As far as the beer goes, there are a some gems on the lineup (this is from the Beeradvocate posting):

Jersey brews

  • Climax ESB
  • Flying Fish Abbey Dubbel
  • River Horse Hopalotamus Double IPA
  • Cricket Hill's American Pale Ale
  • and a brace of brews from the host's playbook: Station House Red and Oktoberfest.

Keystone State brews
  • Troeg's Nugget Nectar
  • Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA and Imperial Pumpkin Ale
  • and some offerings from the ever-respectable Philly brewer, Yards.

Brews from afar
  • More flying wildlife: A duo from Colorado brewer, Flying Dog (Gonzo Imperial Porter and Snake Dog IPA).

Cask ale is a real treat, lots of flavors come rolling out when the carbonation is natural and dialed to the gentle setting. Not to mention the great aromas that really emerge.

Uno is on Route 1 (on the southside of the highway), and easy to find. Just point your car toward the Menlo Park and Woodbridge Center malls.

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Hunterdon Distributors said...

hey guys, in addition to the nugget nectar, troegs is sending their new seasonal, javahead stout.
smuttynose SHOULD have their big A ipa and pumpkin (hoping to get their delivery thursday). doesn't look like yards is going to make this one.
hunterdon distributors