Thursday, February 25, 2010

Morristown Pale Ale

Matt Lamm's Morristown Pale Ale, reproduced in a craft beer-batch size at High Point Brewing last month, has been flowing from the taps at The Office Beer Bar & Grill's various locations across North Jersey for a week now.

A launch party and ceremonial barrel tapping was held at The Office's Morristown location on Feb. 18.

You may recall Matt, who lives in Morristown, won the privilege to help brew the scaled-up version of his recipe by taking first place in the homebrew competition sponsored by High Point and The Office at the end 2009. We caught up with him to get a report on how the pale ale he helped brewed in that commercial-size batch Jan. 19 turned out.

Coming in slightly less hoppy, the orange-hued beer is a still a tasty approximation of his original and delivers some toasty malt flavors, Matt says.

To be sure, the beer is a good drinking experience, and Matt's pleased, especially when you consider amplifying a homebrew recipe by a factor of about 100 is no easy task.

Check out the video and see why. And try Matt's beer.

(Photos courtesy of Tina Gehrig and Matt Lamm.)