Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lights, camera, brew!

From the back lot of Beercrafters in Turnersville, NJ, comes an observance of National Homebrew Day 2007 (May 5th) and the Big Brew that took place across the U.S. and abroad.

Thanks to Phyllis Blessing and the rest of the cast at Beercrafters, not to mention all the fine folks who filled our beer glass that day and took the time to be interviewed. (And curses to that damned 8 horse, which broke up our exacta in the Kentucky Derby later on that day.)


YouTube can make good-quality video look like fuzzy mush, so we're exploring viewer options, which may include linking to video posted on a dot-mac web page in addition to posting on YouTube.

If this ends up the case, you'll need QuickTime player, but it's a free download for both Mac and Windows. (Yeah, we know that sounds like Web 1.0 ...)

ADDENDUM No. 2 (some folks call it PPS):

Here's a viewing option we did find right away: Homebrew Day posted on (The image quality is better if you select the QuickTime format. Blip's conversion to Flash video also looked better than YouTube's reformat. Also, we tried embedding the Blip file, but for some reason it ends up wider than the space allotted.)

The Homebrew Day video is also viewable on by clicking here. (FYI: The accompanying text you'll recognize as a repeat of a BSL post, albeit tweaked a little bit for