Monday, October 19, 2009

Moe's microbrewery

A microbrewery on The Simpsons ...

Not since Moe Szyslak partnered with Marge Simpson a few seasons back to turn his Springfield tavern into the Nag & Weasel pub (My place could be British instead of armpit-ish, Moe sang at the time), has the town's watering hole been the center of so much hilarity.

The closer to Sunday night's annual Treehouse of Horror trilogy borrowed from Sweeney Todd and had Homer's blood making its way into the microbrew that Moe dispensed on location. (FYI: You can fast-forward the video by clicking on a point in the timeline.) The pink-tinged pints that patrons consumed had them seeing a sunnier side of life and Moe doing his usual cravenly mackin' on Marge when Homer's outta the way (a little more hemoglobin, and your wife will be disrobin').

Moe, as ardent Simpsons fans know, is based partly on the late boxer and bar owner Louis Red Deutsch, whose Jersey City joint, the Tube Bar, was the target of prank phone calls by a couple of locals in the 1970s. Deutsch's profanity-laced retorts were taped, and the audio hilarity later became widely circulated.