Sunday, February 25, 2007

‘Espress’ Yourself: Write Your NJ Brewery

Back by popular demand. Well, not yet. Way too soon for that line. But in time, who knows?

The real phrase Jersey beer fans should be using is, “Brew that to me one more time.”

We’re referring to Flying Fish Brewing Co.’s Imperial Espresso Porter, another of the Cherry Hill brewery’s offerings to salute its 10th anniversary (the other is BigFish Ale, a 10.5% ABV barleywine presented in corked bomber bottles).

The Fish’s Imperial Espresso Porter is a beer you can practically take a bite out of, velvety rich and deep. We’re not going to brain-hump it with beer geek analysis. Just know this much: It has enough malt in it to make the USS New Jersey list to one side, plus a wrap-around shot of Colombian dark roast coffee that makes you want to sing Java Jive. Mount Rainier hops sign its autograph, and its 8% ABV can give you a glow. (That should hold you style mavens.)

But the real deal is in the taste. And the phrase for that -- pretty f***king good.

But alas, the 100 barrels that Flying Fish brewed for its anniversary observances are practically gone (we nabbed a four-pack last week, just in the nick of time). Which is why we suggest that a little fan email never hurt a brewery. A standing ovation usually brings an encore.

So go ahead, “espress” yourself.

Flying Fish, long a community good neighbor, last week hosted a listening party for the release of “World CafĂ© Live, Vol. 23” from WXPN (University of Pennsylvania public radio). You can catch a photo gallery of the event here.