Monday, February 15, 2010

Exit 16

The next Exit Series beer from Flying Fish will be a double IPA made with wild rice. But the most important thing to know about the beer right now is, you can't get your hands on it until March.

So don't ask.

FF hasn't officially made the announcement on the beer (it's not on their Twitter page or Exit Series Web site) and word got out a little prematurely. That's been a bit of a pain for the Cherry Hill brewery., which dug up the scoop, says it was in the brewery's newsletter, but we're told Beernews plumbed federal regulators' Web pages and got ahold of the Exit 16 label.

Nonetheless, everyone knew another Exit was coming at some point. And we got it half right – it's North Jersey, this time the Meadowlands, famous for a man-spoils-nature saga and a sports complex that has been named for an NFL franchise from New York; a governor who brought you the state income tax and an NHL team; corporate naming rights (Continental Airlines Arena/Izod Center); and lately an ill-conceived giant retail complex called Xanadu that was probably conjured up in an opium dream like Coleridge's Kubla Khan.

The upcoming brew will be the fourth Exit, and if you were expecting another stop in Belgium, well, blame this blog. Word from the top guy on the kettle was that the next one could be another Belgian-ish brew. Not happening. There was obviously a different direction taken.

FF is closing in on the first anniversary of the Exit Series' that started during the spring of 2009 with the just re-released Exit 4, this time in sixpacks.

Like the fish, time flies.