Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jay Misson

Very, very sad news, indeed, coming out of Triumph Brewing this week ...

Jay Misson, the director of brewing operations for Triumph and one of the pillars behind the great beers that Triumph always makes, died suddenly on Monday. He was 45.

Lew Bryson has an eloquent and fitting tribute over at Seen Through A Glass. Jay's brewing roots run deep in New Jersey and place him at the forefront of the Garden State waking up to craft beer.

Our interaction with Jay was fleeting. But in March, at the Philadelphia Real Ale Festival, he was kind enough to participate in the video we produced from that event. It may sound like a small thing to bring up, but not exactly when you consider it was a very busy festival, the sign-off point for Philly Beer Week, and Jay played no minor part in seeing the day’s happenings meet with success.

We greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time for an interview. It's tough for the person when things are so busy. But Jay (that's him on the right in the picture) graciously gave his time, joining Tom Kehoe of Yards to talk about the pleasures of cask-conditioned ale (although you’ll note Jay was a true lager champion, notably German-style beers).

Thanks, Jay. Rest in peace, brother.