Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tankard time

OK, so they’re not really tankards here, but Basil T’s in Toms River does a commendable job with its mug club dinner, that occasion when you can renew your membership for the year or sign up to become a member. This year's is set for 6:30 on Friday evening (find details here; look under menus on the left column; the dinner link is at the bottom).

(FYI: If you actually are looking for tankards, need the feel of pewter in your hands, The Ship Inn in Milford uses them in its club.)

If you’re a beer fan in the Toms River area, then you probably already keep a seat at Basil’s warm and a pint of Dave Hoffmann’s pub-brewed beer in front of you. (Dave, as many folks know, is also the owner of Climax Brewing in Roselle Park; being the brewer at Basil’s affords him a beer alter-ego.) But if you’re a beer trekker and the brewpub is a travel destination, then it helps to know this event is one of two with beer as the centerpiece that Basil’s pulls out the all the stops for. The other is their Oktoberfest, and both are worth putting on your calendar.

Cheers. See you there.