Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting their fill, Part 2

Flying Fish's new bottler is now up and humming.

We swung by the brewery in Cherry Hill last week and shot some footage as a run of Hopfish was getting the glass treatment.

A few years back, we shot the brewing, kegging and bottling processes at FF, but the tapes sat as an unfinished project (work schedules, other commitments and an external hard drive crash put a chill on turning the footage into something).

So when we heard the new bottler would be installed last month, it seemed like a good opportunity to dust off our 2004 footage of the old bottler (installed in 1996) and work up a short piece with shots of the new machine. That's a run of Grand Cru in the old footage, by the way.

All that was left was to come up with a presentation idea. And that came while watching a Simpson's episode in which the animators simulated an old movie. The result is "Beer Under Glass." Runtime: 3:49


PS: Thanks once again to FF.