Friday, September 25, 2009

AOL dumbs down homebrewing

This is from AOL, which comes to the statistical conclusion you can save money on beer by making your own. The premise isn't inaccurate, but the presentation is so naive as to be misleading. (Obviously, it's mainstream Internet content, a lot of which you shouldn't take too serious, or serious at all for that matter).

As we know, most dedicated homebrewers aren't looking to shave 30 cents off the cost per bottle. As we know again, most seasoned homebrewers are more sophisticately equipped than our video hosts here, who, judging from their processes, are on their way to make some funky, undrinkable beer.

On the one hand, this could draw some people into homebrewing and better beer. On the other, there's no getting around it, making good beer at home (and doing it consistently) is much more involved, quite a bit of work. Coming at it from the Hints from Heloise angle of saving three dimes per serving is just dumb.

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