Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guild collaboration brew set for Sunday

How many Jersey brewers does it take to make 20 gallons of beer for a summer festival?

As many as can fit around a Tippy brew set-up at Carton Brewing on Sunday.

The Atlantic Highlands brewery, in conjunction with Kane Brewing from nearby Ocean Township, will brew a throwback IPA that echoes Ballantine India Pale Ale. 

The beer will be served at the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild Festival on June 22. 

Planned to track toward maltiness, the beer is also targeted to finish out at 8% ABV, with Bullion hops walking point. 

Joining the two Monmouth County breweries will be guild members Trap Rock brewpub (Berkeley Heights) and Uno's (Metuchen), and possibly some others. 

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The Professor said...

Interesting, about the throwback Ballantine IPA. I've been chasing a clone for that beer practically since I started homebrewing 40 years ago! I used to drink boatloads of BIPA in the early 70's (my college years) became my go-to beer from the very first time I tasted it in 1969 (I'd bring it to parties and I always had it all to myself...nobody else liked it! LOL.

I can't help but wonder if any of the folks involved in this project ever tasted the original?? I'd certainly welcome an opportunity to sample this effort to see how close they managed to come to the original.