Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brew Ha-ha returns to Six Flags

There are beer festivals all over the state these days, so many it's hard to count 'em, and even harder to figure out what, besides location and date, distinguishes one beer-sampling event from the next. 

But here's one that's value-added, an event where the beers get the top billing, but there are some added attractions to complement the brews. 

For a second year, TotalBru will bring craft beers to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township for Brew Ha-ha. It's a mix of beers, food and music in an open-air beer hall this Saturday, plus a comedy show to boot. (There's a separate Great Adventure entrance for the festival, by the way.)

"We want to give the guests real value, and while the beer tasting is always the main attraction, I think having food included and adding a comedy show to those who want to stick around are great ways to add value," says Chris DePepe, the guy behind TotalBru. "I also think for anyone who has not been to Great Adventure in a while, the $75 all-day pass with the beer fest included is a great deal."

 Find more details here.  

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