Monday, April 15, 2013

Exit Casey: From Flying Fish to Florida

Well, this certainly counts as big news:

After 10 years at Flying Fish Brewing, head brewer Casey Hughes plans to pull up stakes and head to Florida, where he will start his own brewery, Coppertail Brewing Company in Tampa.

Casey has held the longest tenure as the top brewer at Flying Fish, New Jersey's largest craft brewery, and counts as some of his milestones and achievements the launch of the successful Exit Series.

Add to that a gold medal at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival for Exit 4, an American take on the Belgian triple style. Exit 4 was inaugural brew of the series and eventually became a part of the brewery's regular beer lineup.

In that 10 years, Flying Fish has grown in size to the point where the brewery's founding location in Cherry Hill became much too small, and new digs in Somerdale were taken up.

If you've been to the Somerdale location, then you may know the layout design for the brewhouse and packaging are Casey's handiwork.

His talents as a brewer in New Jersey will be missed but will undeniably be welcomed by the craft beer drinkers of Florida.

Cheers and good luck, Casey.

ADDENDUM: Facebook page went up Friday (4/19) for the Florida brewery

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