Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chocolate & Beer, Beer & Chocolate

Chocolate stout, chocolate porter ...

When it comes to putting chocolate in beer, those two styles are ready candidates.

Which is why Iron Hill brewer Chris LaPierre, looking for something a little different, opted out of those styles and turned a brown ale into a chocolate brown ale loaded with 22 pounds of dark Belgian chocolate for an October beer release at the Maple Shade brewpub.

The beer and a truffle, made with wort from Iron Hill's mash tun by chocolatier Mike Collins of Reily's Candy in Medford, were the centerpiece of an event this past Wednesday night that also saw a selection of Reily chocolates* paired with IH beers.

The video gives you the backstory to how this fusion came about. But the quick version goes something like this: Chris grew up in Medford and knew of Reily's, a 40-year fixture in the Burlington County town. Mike, who's been with Reily's for almost half of the shop's existence, is a Iron Hill mug club member and discovered IH beers at the company's West Chester, Pa., location.

Combining their crafts seemed like a natural idea, and the result is Reily's Chocolate Ale and the Iron Hill truffle.

*The pairings at the October 5th event:

  • 70% Cacao with Gogi berries & Abbey Dubbel
  • Tierra Missou Truffle & Bourbon Wee Heavy
  • Jalapeno Chocolate & Ironbound Ale
  • Vanilla Caramel & Oktoberfest
  • Bourbon-Soaked Cherry Cordial & Cherry Vanilla Porter
  • Iron Hill Chocolate with Caramelized Wort & Reilly’s Chocolate Ale

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das boot glass said...

Wow, personally I prefer stouts and porters over beer. Why? Because they're delicious and their aroma is fabulous. I can drink coffee/chocolate stouts/porters all day haha.

Thank you Chris for the contribution of quality stouts. Dark Belgian Chocolate says it all. It makes me want to try them like right here, right now.

I hope someday I may be able to try Chris and Reily's combination. If only they would sell this to different states haha.

Cheers man!