Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Remember, remember the 5th of November

A look at Guy Fawkes Night at the Ship Inn in Milford, New Jersey's British-themed brewpub.

This video was shot at the Ship's Nov. 5, 2008, observance of the annual holiday that finds Britons celebrating the failed plot to blow up Parliament with three dozen kegs of gunpowder, take down King James I and spark a revolt.

This project sat on the shelf for a couple years, in hopes of finding a New Jersey university professor or some other individual versed in the Gunpowder Plot and England's tug of war between its Catholic subjects and Protestant crown.

Alas, these days it's become a little difficult to find someone who studies European history, and British history in particular.

This year, the Ship Inn marks the Guy Fawkes event tonight, Nov. 3rd. The brewpub is still taking reservations for the dinner, which costs $40 and includes a free pint of beer. If you're not into the dinner, you can still enjoy a pint or two at the bar.

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