Saturday, July 17, 2010

Centennials in 2010

Plenty of cones on the Centennial bines that are doing well this season. (Photo taken this morning.)

But alas, for third-year plants, this summer has seen one mound woefully stunted and another sort of sputtering. The remaining two mounds have fairly robust bines and a decent amount of cones.

Also, this year marks the first appearance of some unwanted visitors – Japanese beetles. The folks at Rutgers said a couple of years ago that if your plants don't have pests, just wait, the bugs will find them.

And so they have.


archjjg said...

I received a bunch of 2nd year plants fron the guys at NJ Beer Co. a few months back. They were doing great before I got to them. Replanted them, then the heat hit. If they reached 5 inches in height, I'm lucky. Hoping for a better 2011!

Jeff Linkous said...

Hops are pretty hardy plants and kinda hard to kill. But this year's heat has been brutal. I don't think they like humidity too much.

Speaking of NJ Beer Co. ... became a fan of their Garden State Stout after they made their inaugural trip to the Guild Fest in late June. Set off a continuing run of stout & porter drinking for this the summertime. Cold weather brews? Nay. Any time, anywhere.

Right now drinking the last River Horse Oatmeal Milk Stout in the beer trove; Iron Hill Pig Iron porter is next. FF imperial porter on deck.