Friday, April 16, 2010


The next Exit Series beer from Flying Fish Brewing will have rye in it.

On Thursday, the folks in Cherry Hill tweeted to the brewery's Twitter followers: "At the farm picking up an ingredient for the next Exit beer – Jersey-grown rye." (Word from the brewery is that some of the rye is malted and also comes from FF's malt supplier.)

But cracking the exit number will take a little more than just knowing that FF is using a grain that imparts a spicy flavor.

Exit sleuths should ask, "Where in New Jersey is rye grown?" That's part of the puzzle. So is the style of beer, going beyond having rye in it.

Our guess: Exit 8, a roggenbock. Stay tuned.


John Holl said...

I'd like to see something with cranberries come from Exit 8. A lambic perhaps. Something with a little more flavor than the Sam offering.

Heart of farmland, with such fields for Rye would be further south, exit 6-ish, no?

Unless the Turnpike now goes through Hunterdon County.

Jeff Linkous said...

Farther south makes sense, especially when you get into Gloucester County.

But there is that back side of Middlesex County/Somerset County around Franklin and around South Brunswick, where there are still a few farms.

Plus, rye seems to be a cover crop in New Jersey, kind of like a placeholder to guard against erosion. Not 100 percent sure of that, but it comes to mind.

Oh well, shall see in due time.