Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jack in the green

Color the Union Jack green for Earth Day (April 22nd).

And by that we note, and echo from their Web site, things that the British-themed Ship Inn is doing to step up to the Earth and eco-friendly plate …

These are all things the Ship has done over the past two years there in Milford. Not a bad list.

  • Switching to grass-fed beef and hormone-free/antibiotic-free chicken
  • Locally roasted, organic, fair-trade coffee
  • Sustainable, wild-caught fish
  • Composting vegetable and brewery refuse
  • Installation of energy efficient windows
  • Consolidation of refrigeration for less energy usage
  • Spent brewery grain goes to local cows
  • Addition of more vegetarian items to the menu
And the future of the Ship holds:
  • Procuring organic grain for our brewing
  • Purchasing locally pastured meats and locally grown vegetables
  • Adding a bicycle rack

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