Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NJ Craft Beer Week, a movement (we hope)

We gave a heads-up to the Brewers Association about writing Gov. Corzine's office seeking a proclamation of New Jersey Craft Beer Week to coincide with American Craft Beer Week (May 11-17).

The kind Colorado folks at BA were genuinely interested and asked us to kept them posted and let them know if it happens.

To that, we say: Cool. And we say make it a movement. If you read this blog, cut and paste the letter we wrote (or write your own) into whatever word processor program you use, print it out and mail it to:

The Honorable Jon S. Corzine Governor,
State of New Jersey
Office of the Governor,
PO Box 001 Trenton, NJ 08625-0001

While you're at it, print out the federal proclamation and fire that off with the letter to bolster the argument.

Meanwhile, craft beer week wasn't lost on Colbert last year. (Alas, there's a commercial before the clip.)

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