Friday, March 13, 2009

Reminder: All about bock

Here’s one you don’t want to miss: High Point kicks off its 2009 season of open houses at the Butler brewery on Saturday (from 2-4 p.m.).

And it’s a bock moment for sure: mai, eis, doppel wheat and Double Platinum Blonde.

The wheat doppelbock came out last fall, so Saturday is a day for that brew to stand in good company with the debut of Ramstein Maibock and Ice Storm eisbock.

They’re both popular beers, big favorites among Ramstein fans. Bring your growlers but expect a line of like-minded people snaking out of the brewery entrance.

Ice Storm was a hot ticket at the Philly Craft Beer Festival a week ago (more on the festival at the Naval Yard in a catch-up post next week).

One festivalgoer practically parked himself by the Ramstein stand and came back for seconds, thirds and fourths of Ice Storm. Probably wished he could have sat down with a pint.

If you like Ramstein Blonde, one of the brewery's flagship beers, then you’ll probably like its bocked-up sister, Double Platinum Blonde, twice as much. Like the eisbock, it did brisk business in Philly.

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Tom E said...

I'll be there. Growlers in hand.