Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beer Wars

We saw this highlighted on Destination Beer, Tom Eagan's blog. And on the docu's Web site, you'll notice the screenings nationwide on Thursday, April 16.

Some of this message is a broken record, points that have been made over and over. But there's nothing wrong with putting it all under one banner. (Anyone see the news last week that AB InBev's profits were down 95 percent?)

While we're going down this road, why not toss out the beer-themed AT&T commercial that's been airing the past few months:

When you think about it, that's another reason for AB to be concerned, Madison Avenue calling on craft beer to sell phone services. Shows you how deep craft beer has worked itself into popular culture.

Anyway, the screen grab we included here has the New Jersey theater locations for Beer Wars. (Click on it to enlarge. The second column on the left just denotes the metropolitan area.)

So have a party; raise a glass to celebrate and support our side of the fight.

And now, after talk of making beer, how could you not close with the Rolling Stones' "Salt of the Earth?

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