Sunday, August 24, 2008


We managed to get our hands on a growler of The Ship Inn's Northwest IPA.

Lots of Cascade flavor in it, and was sort of like Flying Fish's Hopfish IPA colliding with SlyFox's Phoenix Pale Ale. It has the subdued IPAness of Hopfish and the flavor of PPA.

All things considered, it was certainly worth the side trip to Milford, as we returned to home base from Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, where we went to check out Weyerbacher Brewing's hop harvest.

Handcrafted beer? You bet, especially when you pick the hops all by hand. The folks from Weyerbacher brought the crop in by cutting the bines and plucking the cones from morning through the afternoon.

Good thing there was pulled pork, cole slaw and a sixtel of their AutumnFest beer for sustenance, and some half-joking, half-serious comments of "have anything hoppier?"

We’ve followed their efforts to grow hops since April, and now all that’s left is to taste their Harvest Ale.

Check out the stills (we shot more video, too, that's coming as a sort of sequel to what we've already posted).

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