Saturday, August 2, 2008

See, beer enjoys a rich, comedic heritage

OK, it's not a Jersey beer thing, really doesn't have much to do with the Garden State, beyond the Howard (Horwitz) brothers being from New York and Larry Fine hailing from Philadelphia, with Jersey in between. (Funny how the proliferation of craft brewers in the region fits that pattern, that polarity.)

But it is a Stooges thing.

Seems like there's some really bad edits in this episode to get it down to five minutes, like key parts of the set-up or transitions have been chopped.

And if memory serves, this was the Stooges installment in which Curly, sneaking a barrel of beer past a suspicious authority figure, attributes the conspicuous bulge under his clothes to a "goiter! nyuk nyuk!"

Oh well.

We still have an unopened bottle of Panther Brewing's Three Stooges Beer. It's long past its prime, and we can't remember what it tasted like when it was fresh. Probably tastes funny now.

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